Asian Food Fest – Sold out of ribs!


Over the weekend, we brought the Breeze to Asian Food Fest in Cincinnati, OH and cooked up a total of 50 racks of ribs. It was an absolute success! The festival opened at 4:00 PM on Saturday, and by 5:30 this happened:

At 7:30, during the dinner rush, we sold out another 13 racks of ribs in 30 minutes! Word had spread, and people were lining up at 7:15.

Sunday was no different. The festival started at 2:00 PM, and by 1:45 people who were working inside the festival were pre-ordering their portions. We sold out in 90 minutes again, with the next batch due to come out of the Breeze at 5:30. By 5:15, a line had formed and we were sold out again in 30 min.

We had people come up to us and tell us it was the best ribs they ever had. Others came up and asked where our restaurant was; we had to tell them we were there to promote the smoker itself!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers at Asian Food Fest for creating a well run, smooth event!

I will post a breakdown of what we did and how we did it. The Breeze made absolutely perfect ribs with very little work on our part. Well very little cooking work at least. All Nathan had to do was to add wood and charcoal to the chute, and the ribs came out perfectly smoked and tender! If you’re interested in renting or buying a Breeze to do your own festival, please contact us!



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