Win $1500 cooking with the Breeze! NBBQA Contingency Program

We are proud to announce that the Tremore Breeze Smokers are a new sponsor for the NBBQA Competition Contingency program! We are putting up to $1500 in prize money for two NBBQA Events:

November 5: National BBQ Festival – Waycross, GA
December 10: FBA Triple Crown – Perry, FL – Open event

If your team is a NBBQA member and wins or is a runner up in either of these events, and you cook with the Breeze, you can win an additional $500 for winning and $250 for runner-up.  See the NBBQA website for details (scroll down to “NBBQA Launches Competition Contingency Program”)! Good luck, we would love nothing better than to pay out some prize money!