Now’s the time to upgrade your smoker!

Greetings BBQ lovers! As the weather cools down, many teams are looking at improvements to their BBQ teams for next year. We sure hope your team considers the Breeze. We’re still offering $1500 discounts to established competition teams as a promotional offer.

I’d like to highlight a few of the Breeze’s features that could really help your competition team:

It cooks with real wood and keeps a perfect temperature without tending. This allows you to focus on your rubs, sauces, and all of the things that make your BBQ special. No more worrying about burning yourself adding wood into a fire or having to constantly tend the smoker to make sure the temperature is constant.

The unit is so well insulated it cooks in rain, sleet, or snow… still with no tending. No more temperature fluctuations when it rains or if the weather gets cold. No more worrying about the weather!

Put your competition team over the top with the Breeze. Don’t let your competitors get ahead! We are still offering a 90 day money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose. Please contact us if you have any questions we can answer for you. Order now to give your team a chance to get to know the Breeze before next competition season!

Best of luck to everyone!