The bottom rack

Hello all, we’ve gotten some feedback from our customers and I wanted to share them with you.

The design of the Breeze circulates air throughout the cooking chamber, which gives the cooking chamber the effect of a convection oven, keeping temperature consistent throughout. However, if you use the very bottom rack of the unit, it is right above the drip pan, which also deflects incoming heat/smoke so it circulates throughout the oven. The drip pan gets hot, which then in turn can heat up the air immediately above it. So you will have hotter air if you use the very bottom rack of the unit. The air everywhere else heats up very evenly.

We’ll use the bottom rack to put the thicker racks of ribs. We’ll also use the bottom rack of meats when we’re sampling to see if the meat is done… it gives you a sneak peek at what the other racks of meat are doing.