The front wheels – Revealed! Yes, the Breeze is very portable

Breeze showing front wheels

Hello all, we’ve had many questions about the portability of the Breeze. You can’t see from the picture on the front page, but the Breeze does have 4 total wheels (2 large ones you can see, and two smaller ones underneath the unit). The front wheels, like everything else on the Breeze, are high quality. The wheels allow the Breeze to be maneuvered by one person despite weighing 500 pounds. If you plan on using the Breeze in your backyard most of the time, or are maneuvering it on paved surfaces, these wheels will be more than adequate. We’ve brought the Breeze to two or three cooks where we set up on the grass with no issues, and we’ve only used the units with the smaller wheels.

For those of you using the Breeze in “off-road” situation, we now have a larger wheel kit available. These wheels, which will be the same size as the rear wheels, will attach to the front of the unit. This kit is available for $299.

Breeze with larger wheel kit