How the Breeze looks different in person

We were honored to have Walt visit us a few weeks ago. Walt was in the Cincinnati area and wanted to take a look at the Breeze in person. He let us know what questions he had that weren’t answered on this website, and how the Breeze looks in person that’s different. Here are some things that aren’t evident on the website that Walt wanted to know:

1. The grate that holds the wood/charcoal is removable and replaceable. You don’t need to worry about taking the unit apart and fixing it if and when it does burn through. Note, however, that the grate is very high quality and will likely last many years if not for the life of your unit.

2. The unit is self-cleaning. The design of the cooking chamber is such that all the oils are channeled into one place, the oil drip cup. The oil cup itself is a lot bigger than it looks on the website.

3. Air is drawn into the unit from the bottom of the unit, not from the top of the fuel chute. The fire does not burn up through the chute because of this.

4. The silicone door seal is also a replaceable part.

5. The cooking chamber is bigger than it looks online.

6. No assembly is required for the unit. All you need to do is put in the thermometer.

Thanks again to Walt for giving us those insights! We’ll work these into the website.


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