Smoking a Thanksgiving turkey in the Breeze

This past Thanksgiving, I smoked a turkey for the first time in my dad’s Breeze. The bird turned out perfect, tender with a beautiful touch of smoky taste infused throughout and wonder pink smoke ring that penetrated deep into the meat. We pulled the bird out at an internal temperature of 160-165, based off the recommendation on Amazing Ribs.

Deep smoke ring penetration
The before picture. The chicken thighs are for snacking on while we wait for the turkey.

We didn’t do any brining beforehand. The rub was a mish mosh of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, basically anything we could find. We used mostly lump charcoal with a small bag of apple wood. It took about 4 hours to cook the 10 pound turkey. We used a remote wireless temperature probe, which was immensely convenient… We could watch the temperature go up while sitting in the warmth of the house. As usual, the Breeze performed perfectly!

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