Comments from our latest customer

Bob B. from Eagle Rock, MO is our latest happy Breeze customer! Bob did a little midnight cook the first day he got his Breeze, and wrote us to tell us this:

“Smoked some ribs and a chicken tonight. Just took them off the smoker about a half hour ago. Even though it was close to midnight, we couldn’t resist a large snack. Beautiful smoke ring on the ribs and the chicken was very moist. Gambled that I could cook them together, but it worked great. You were right, you can achieve success the first cook. The first couple of hours, out of habit from my old smoker, I was running out to check the temperature every 20 minutes. The temperature dial didn’t fluctuate any.  So, I watched a movie and checked when I thought it might be done. The dial still hadn’t moved. Checked a bit early, and went back in an hour and wow. The Cincinnati BBQ magazine said it right, about as much effort as using the microwave.
You were incredible to deal with. I can’t thank you enough for helping make sure I had the unit for the holiday. I couldn’t be happier after the initial cook with the unit, or with you and your firm. What and incredible smoker and buying experience.
Thanks so much.”
Thanks Bob! Great to have you on board. Want a Breeze for yourself? Contact us!

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