“It REALLY works.” – Cincinnati Magazine BBQ issue

The Breeze is featured in an article in the July BBQ issue of Cincinnati magazine (page 73). We spent a morning with writer Jeff Mathews, showing him the Breeze and he put on a nice write-up for us:

“It REALLY works. The ribs we smoked one Saturday may have been the best I’ve had. Managing the average four-hour cooking time was only slightly more complicated than using a microwave.”

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2 thoughts on ““It REALLY works.” – Cincinnati Magazine BBQ issue

  1. I just received my Breeze and smoked my first meal. It is everything it has been touted to be. The unit is of solid construction and is literally a “breeze” to use. The temperature remains constant and it is virtually a maintenance free operation. It produced perfectly cooked ribs with a nice smoke ring on the meat. And that was on my first cook! I am extremely pleased with the purchase, and I feel the company is second to none in meeting or exceeding customer satisfaction. Dale Ting is incredible to deal with. If anyone is shopping, the Breeze definitely deserves some serious consideration. No regrets here, and I’ve researched buying a smoker for two years.
    Bob B. , Eagle Rock, MO.

    1. Bob, thank you very much for the kind words. Thank you also for being a great customer and very helpful in the whole process as well. Enjoy your BBQ!

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