Giant turkey ribs on Thanksgiving

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! My family had a day after Thanksgiving party and of course we smoked a turkey with the Breeze:


Apologies for the garbage can and reflection in the picture. I took it from inside the warm house as the outside temperatures were pretty cold in Wisconsin.

As usual, since we’re already running the Breeze, we throw in a rack of ribs because, well, the ribs always turn out really good.

Ribs Nov 2014

When I posted this one of the Facebook comments I received was “that’s one big turkey.” Or was he responding to my profile picture?

Before and during pictures of the turkey:

IMG_0006 Breeze Nov 2014 1

And here is what the final product looked like:

Breeze Nov 2014 3 Breeze Nov 2014 2

Everything turned out great. The turkey neck and gizard were delicious snacks before dinner. I used a Maverick Et-732 Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer so I could monitor temperatures while staying out of the aforementioned cold.

We all had a great day after Thanksgiving meal of BBQ after a great traditional Thanksgiving meal the day before!



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