Asian Food Fest – Sold out of ribs!


Over the weekend, we brought the Breeze to Asian Food Fest in Cincinnati, OH and cooked up a total of 50 racks of ribs. It was an absolute success! The festival opened at 4:00 PM on Saturday, and by 5:30 this happened:

At 7:30, during the dinner rush, we sold out another 13 racks of ribs in 30 minutes! Word had spread, and people were lining up at 7:15.

Sunday was no different. The festival started at 2:00 PM, and by 1:45 people who were working inside the festival were pre-ordering their portions. We sold out in 90 minutes again, with the next batch due to come out of the Breeze at 5:30. By 5:15, a line had formed and we were sold out again in 30 min.

We had people come up to us and tell us it was the best ribs they ever had. Others came up and asked where our restaurant was; we had to tell them we were there to promote the smoker itself!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers at Asian Food Fest for creating a well run, smooth event!

I will post a breakdown of what we did and how we did it. The Breeze made absolutely perfect ribs with very little work on our part. Well very little cooking work at least. All Nathan had to do was to add wood and charcoal to the chute, and the ribs came out perfectly smoked and tender! If you’re interested in renting or buying a Breeze to do your own festival, please contact us!



The Breeze awarded Best in BBQ Gold Medal

I am proud to announce that The Tremore Breeze has been awarded the The Best in BBQ Gold Medal.

According to Scot Murphy at “There may never have been a better named smoker than The Breeze… That it cooks so well and evenly is a testament to a good idea that’s well engineered. We look forward to seeing it on the competition circuit in 2012.”

We couldn’t be more honored to be recognized by a reputable BBQ website. Check out the write up here at, scroll down to the “T” section for the Tremore Breeze.

If your team is interested in a Breeze for competitions, please contact us or subscribe to our blog for updates on special offers.

Smoke in the South Bend Fire Department

Last Saturday, Nathan and I had the opportunity to cook for the South Bend Fire Department. You couldn’t find a more professional yet fun bunch of people. Scot Murphy of was also there to see if the Breeze could deliver on its lofty promises.

As the Tremore Breeze Smoker did its thing, Scot and the firemen watched with interest. In the end, the Breeze delivered 9 racks of ribs and 6 chickens to 20 hungry fire fighters. As promised, Nathan never needed to tend the wood or charcoal, only adjusting the one damper as we got to temperature. In fact, we even headed out while it was cooking to grab lunch… Needed to save food for the firefighters!


Thanks to Scot for coming out to see the Breeze in action! And many many thanks to the South Bend Fire Department for their hospitality. I even got to tour a fire truck and now am a proud owner of a SBFD t-shirt. The guys were talking about how to get a Breeze for the department. Hopefully we can make that happen!

Putting the Breeze to the temperature test

I wanted to share some very interesting results that Nathan got when putting up his Breeze BBQ smoker up against a typical sidebox smoker. Being an engineer/nerd, Nathan went out and got temperature probes to get actual data to see if the Breeze really beat what’s currently out there. He then went over to a colleague’s backyard, who owned a sidebox smoker, and measured temperature in both the Breeze and the sidebox smoker. Here’s what he got:

Nathan will have a more detailed write-up soon, but I figured I’d get this out there!

The Breeze – Stainless steel version

By Nathan Moore – Breeze Inventor

I personally like products that will last for a very long time.  It’s just better value and less waste.

So it only made since that I make the Breeze out of stainless steel.  This is a picture of a unit that has been sitting outside for the last year.  It looks brand new and will continue to look brand new forever.  Now that is solid construction.

Last weekend I decided to smoke some Ribs.  This time I used a dry rub, cooked them for ~4 hrs at 250F using organic charcoal briquettes and cherry wood, and glazed them with a vinegar mix at the end.  As you can see, they turned out pretty nice.  The temperatures are so even inside the oven that the meat always turns out uniform no matter where you put it.