The Breeze was reviewed by Max Good at and was given an “ Best Value Gold Medal,” which means that it is “Among the best of its type in its price category. A strong buy recommendation.”

“We had the opportunity to watch the Tremore Breeze in action, slow cooking chicken and ribs with a combo of charcoal and apple wood…Everything was cooked beautifully and evenly. The ribs were tender and toothsome, and the apple wood smoke flavor had infused throughout, rich and mellow.”

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Derrick Riches of reviewed the Breeze on their BBQ and Grilling site and gave it 5 starts out of 5:

“One of the best charcoal smokers money can buy… The Tremore Breeze really is a brilliantly designed smoker. I could spend a lot of time talking about the reverse flow air control and the bottom pull venting that gives the cooking chamber an amazingly even heat… What is most impressive, isn’t the technical achievements but how easy this smoker is to use.”

See the full Tremore Breeze review.

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